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Never Do That

The Pretenders

Chords used in this song: F#m, G#m, A, B, E
F#mChord: F#m
G#mChord: G#m
AChord: A
BChord: B
EChord: E

Capo III

E  B  A  A  2x

E      B  A
Let me stay
E        B  A
One more day
E         B           A
It would mean so much to me

F#m       B
I won't make a sound
F#m         B
I'll just hang around
F#m                  B
I'll sit where the last one sat
   A   B
But oh no
              E    B   A
I'd never do that

E         B                      A
Take my mouth as far as you can see
E              B                     A
It stretches father than I care to think
E       B          A
Put me out of my misery

F#m          B
If I could keep it shut
F#m            B
I wouldn't be in this rut
F#m                          B
With less chance than a laboratory rat
   A       B
Oh no
              E    B
I'd never do that

G#m   E   A
                      G#m     E   A
You're a master of illusion

You say you do - but you don't

You think I will - I know I won't

E   B   A  2x

E       B                A
When I see you sitting there
E            B                 A
It sends a shock right through me
E          B                  A
I never thought an ordinary chair
E      B          A
Could have such poetry

F#m         B
I don't deserve your time
F#m         B
I haven't got the tact
F#m       B               A
I live above my means in fact
Oh no
              E    B   A
I'd never do that

E  B  A  A

E  B              A    A  E  B  A
     I'd never do that
              E  B  A  A  E  B  A
I'd never do that
I'd never do that
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