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You ain't the first

Guns and Roses

Chords used in this song: C, Dm, E, F, G
CChord: C
DmChord: Dm
EChord: E
FChord: F
GChord: G

Capo III

F   C   8x

C          F            C              F
I tried so hard just to get through to you
    C              F
But your head's so far
         C           F
from the realness of truth
C                     F
Was it just a come on in the dark
       C             F
Wasn't meant to last long
  C                              F
I think you've worn your welcome honey
          C             F                  C    C
I'll just see you along as I sing you this song

C             F
Time can pass slowly,
C             F
things always change
C               F
Your day's been numbered
         C              F
And I've read your last page
C                   F
You was just a temporary lover
      C             F
Honey you ain't the first
C                     F
Lots of others came before you woman
         C            F
Said but you been the worst
Sa' you been the worst

C             E
So goodbye to you girl
F            G
So long, farewell
  C              E
I can't hear you cryin'
     F            G
Your jivin's been hell
   C           E
So look for me walkin'
     F              G
Down your street at night
        C       E
I'll be in with another
F           G    G
Deep down inside
F    E   Dm  C
Deep down inside

F   C   8x
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