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Gwen Stefani

Chords used in this song: D, G, C
DChord: D
GChord: G
CChord: C

Capo VII

G  G  C   D   4x

G                            C
It's hard to remember how it felt before,
D                          G
Now I found the love of my life...
Passes things get more comfortable,
D                   C
Everything is going right.

And after all the obstacles,
             G                             C
It's good to see you now with someone else.
                D            G
And it's such a miracle that you and me are still good friends.
      C                   D~
After all that we've been through,
                 G                  C  D
I know we're cool. I know we're cool.

G                         C
We used to think it was impossible,
        D                      G
Now you call me by my new last name.
Memories seem like so long ago,
D                     C
Time always kills the pain.

Remember Harbor Boulevard?
    G                                     C
The dreaming days where the mess was made.
Look how all the kids have grown,
We have changed, but we're still the same.
      C                   D~
After all that we've been through,
                 G                  C  D  G
I know we're cool. I know we're cool.
                        C  D
Yeah....I know we're cool.

C                D                   G
And I'll be happy for you if you can be happy for me.
C           D
Circles and triangles,
and now we're hangin' out with your new girlfriend,
   C                    D~
So far from where we've been,
                 G                   C  D
I know we're cool. I know we're cool.
  G                              C  D
Cool, uh, uh...I know we're cool.
   D  G                       C  D
Uh, uh. Uh, I know we're cool.
Cool, yeah,
                 C   D
I know we're cool.
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