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Raise Em Up

Keith Urban

Chords used in this song: A, Bm, D, F#m, G
AChord: A
BmChord: Bm
DChord: D
F#mChord: F#m
GChord: G

Capo II

D  F#m  Bm  A  G

Raise em up
                 F#m                   Bm
Im talkin bout a lighter on a Saturday night
                 A                          G
The band plays a song you like and you sing along
Raise em up
               F#m               Bm
Im talkin bout Daddys old pickup truck
        A                                              G
Shotgun seat, theres the one you love and youre kissin on

          D           F#m             Bm
Get those white sails sailing down in Mexico
           D       F#m               G
Its just a whiskey glass if you aint makin a toast
          D           F#m     Bm
Lift your tear-filled eyes up to the sky
A comin home, you’ve been gone too long
G                   D           F#m
 Tonight were gonna raise em up
Bm  D  Bm  A

 Raise em up
You got a voice, you got a choice
Go make some noise
A                                  G
 Dont ever let em tell you who you are
Raise em up
Fist black and blue, fight for the truth
 Its what you do
A                                       G
 Hand on your heart for the stripes and stars

D                      F#m    Bm
Black umbrellas in the pourin rain
  D              F#m          G
A Sunday morning coming Down, amazing grace
           D                   F#m     Bm
Lift those tear-filled eyes up to the sky
       A                   G
As the flag flies, say goodbye
Tonight were gonna raise em up

D  F#m  Bm
D  G
D  F#m  Bm
D   G   \

[No chord]
So, you meet someone
The only one
You take her by the hand
Make a stand
Buy some land
Make some love
And them babies come

           D  F#m  Bm
Raise em up
         D  G
Raise em up
Raise em up trophy high
         F#m       Bm
Raise em up to the sky
         D                       G
Raise em up, show everybody that newborn smile
Raise em up tall and strong
         F#m           Bm
Raise em up right from wrong
Raise em up so damn high
         G                  D
they can hear God singing along
          F#m          Bm      G
(Woah,) woah, (woah,) woah, (woah)
   D           F#m    Bm             G  D
(Woah, woah) woah, (woah,) woah, (woah)
         F#m   Bm       G     D~
Woah, (woah,) woah, (woah)
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