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My Girl


Chords used in this song: Am, C, Dm, Em, F, G
AmChord: Am
CChord: C
DmChord: Dm
EmChord: Em
FChord: F
GChord: G

Capo IV

F~  Dm~
Em  G  Am~
F~  Dm~
Em  G  Am~
F~  Dm~
Em  G  Am~

Am               F
My girl's mad at me
Am             Dm     
I didn't wanna see the film tonight
Am                 F
I found it hard to say
Am                  Dm
She thought I'd had enough of her

C   G         Am
Why can't she see
Dm    C         G
She's lovely to me?
C     G            Am
But I like to stay in
    Am      F
And watch t.v.      
Em    Dm     
on my own
      Dm      G
Every now and then

Am               F
My girl's mad at me
Am              Dm
Been on the telephone for an hour
Am               F
We hardly said a word
Am                      Dm
I tried and tried but I could not be heard

C   G         Am
Why can't I explain?
Dm       C         G
Why do I feel this pain?
C      G      Am
'Cos everything I say
    Am            F
She doesn't understand
            Em   Dm
She doesn't realise
             Dm            G
She takes it all the wrong way

Am  F  Am  Dm  2x

Am               F
My girl's mad at me
Am                 Dm
We argued just the other night
Am                     F
I thought we'd got it straight
Am                     Dm
We talked and talked until it was light

C  G            Am
I thought we'd agreed
Dm             C         G
I thought we'd talked it out
C          G      Am
Now when I try to speak
    Am                F
She says that I don't care
         Em      Dm
She says I'm unaware
            F       G
And now she says I'm weak

F~  Dm~
Em  G  Am~
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