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The Pretenders

Chords used in this song: A, Am, B, C, C#m, Dm, E, F, G
AChord: A
AmChord: Am
BChord: B
CChord: C
C#mChord: C#m
DmChord: Dm
EChord: E
FChord: F
GChord: G
C  Am  F  G  2x

C        Am
Kid what changed your mood
       F                 G
You've gone all sad so I feel sad too
C         Am        F         G          C
I think I know some things we never outgrow
You think it's wrong
I can tell you do
How can I explain
When you don't want me to

C  Am  F  G

C      Am
Kid my only kid
    F             G
You look so small you've gone so quiet
C          Am        F
I know you know what I'm about
I won't deny it
            Am                         F
But you forgive though you don't understand
You've turned your head

You've dropped by hand

A      F      A       F
All my sorrow, all my blues
A      F   G
All my sorrow

E  C#m  A  B  2x

E         C#m         A
Shut the light, go away
Full of grace, you cover your face
E  C#m  A  B

E       C#m
Kid gracious kid
     A             B
Your eyes are blue but you won't cry
  E           C#m      A
I know angry tears are too dear
B                  E
You won't let them go
      C#m        A          B
Oh oh woh, oh oh woh, oh oh woh

E  C#m  A  B  2x
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