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Baba O'Riley

The Who

Chords used in this song: A, C, D, G
AChord: A
CChord: C
DChord: D
GChord: G

Capo III

D  A  G  8x

D            A   G      D
 Out here in the fields
            A  G     D
I fight for my meals
      A  G            D      A  G  D
I get my back into my living
             A  G      D
I don't need to fight
         A   G     D
To prove I'm right
  A     G             D
I don't need to be forgiven,
            A     G
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

D  A  G  5x
A  3x

A     D
Don't cry
      A          G
Don't raise your eye
     D    G       A
It's only teenage wasteland

D            A  G    D
 Sally, take my hand
                   A     G
We'll travel south cross land
D                A
Put out the fire,
    G                  D        A  G  D
and don't look past my shoulder
           A  G    D
The exodus is here
               A   G
The happy ones are near
D                 A   G                D      A G
Let's get together, before we get much older

D  A  G   2x

        D          A  G
Teenage wasteland
                  D          A  G
It's only teenage wasteland
        D          A   G
Teenage wasteland, Oh, yeah
        D          A   G
Teenage wasteland
            A       A  G  G
They're all wasted!

A  G  D  C
A  G  D  C
D  D  C

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